Grey Goose L’original Vodka 70Cl

Grey Goose L’original Vodka 70Cl

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  • Grey Goose is a premium flavoured vodka, born from an extraordinary passion for spirit-making. It is created using only the finest French ingredients – the highest-grade wheat and pristine limestone-filtered spring water. It is a spirit of uncommon brilliance, unrivalled craftsmanship and signature smoothness and is an excellent choice as a gift.
  • Grey Goose® Premium Vodka has an exquisite clear, fresh and elegantly aromatic taste. This is a premium vodka is of unparalleled smoothness and exceptional taste, with subtle hints of almond and a long, satisfying finish.
  • Savour the flavour of Grey Goose® Premium Vodka chilled on its own – or use it to elevate favourite vodka cocktails such as the elegant Le Grand Fizz.
  • Grey Goose® Vodka’s two single-origin ingredients are winter wheat from Picardie and spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue.
  • The soft winter wheat used in Grey Goose® Vodka is the same high quality wheat used in famous French breads and pastries.
  • The water used in Grey Goose® is naturally filtered through underground limestone so deep it’s untouched by pollutants.
  • The Grey Goose® Cellar Master François Thibault oversees the production process to create a vodka unlike any other.
  • Grey Goose® premium flavoured vodka is created using only the finest French ingredients
  • The two ingredients of Grey Goose® Vodka are traceable from field to bottle
  • Pack size: 70CL


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